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The Naked Vegan

Maz Valcorza


140+ Tasty Raw Vegan Recipes for Health and Wellness.

Imagine desserts that are guilt-free, snacks that make your skin glow and mains that give you nutrient-rich satisfaction and aid weight loss. Your mood improves, you have enhanced concentration, productive sleep, better digestion and a reduced risk of heart disease. Intrigued? Meet Maz Valcorza, raw vegan convert and mastermind behind the gorgeous (and most importantly accessible) raw vegan book The Naked Vegan. 

As the owner and driving force behind Sydney's first organic, raw vegan, raw food and wholefoods café Sadhana Kitchen, Maz has compiled over 140 tasty raw vegan recipes, covering breakfast, juices, smoothies, breads, salad, ferments, mains, condiments, snacks, mylks, tonics and even desserts to help bring raw food to the everyday home.

The Naked Vegan allows you to embrace the latest in nutrition and feel the powerful benefits of eating raw food without sacrificing on flavour.


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192 pages

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