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Green Man Limited Edition Print



Available as a Limited Edition of 250, printed on highest quality 380gsm Giclee Paper, and printed within a white border on paper sized at 32cms x 45cms (ready to fit standard Ikea frame sizes 40x50 with a mount, or 30x40 without a mount).


I was originally inspired to paint an early version of the Green Man in 2002 after attending the ceremony marking the opening of the new Viva! Offices in Bristol. I was moved and horrified by the speeches made there due to the disturbing facts about factory farming that were forcibly highlighted by the speakers. This formative event in my artistic and everyday life, eventually lead to a change in my painting themes as well as to me becoming vegan. It also, of course, inspired me to volunteer at the Viva! office, which soon led to a full-time job. After more than a decade working here as the Merchandising Officer it is a great pleasure to be able to offer my very latest artwork - a new version of ‘The Green Man’. (The original canvas sold for £1000 at Viva!'s 20th Anniversary Meal. Watch the canvas being painted here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDEJih7jAz8) The price includes postage. Each print is sent in a sturdy postal tube and wrapped in acid free art paper.


Also available from Viva!: http://www.vivashop.org.uk/viva/green-man-art-cards The Green Man The keeper of the forest The guardian of the green The spirit of the woodland world The man who walks unseen Through field and fell and leafy glade Across the land of meadows-made Breathing, blooming, ripe and red From mountain top to riverbed His crop of poison ivy hair Curling in the springtime air And in the thicket of his veins Flows the sap of summer rain With winter frost upon his skin The seasons turn and twist within The bramble-tangle of his mind With eyes so calm, and cruel, and kind He watches o'er the forest And guards the growing green The spirit of the woodland world The man who walks unseen