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Mums gone to Iceland... in a box leaflets

Mums gone to Iceland... in a box leaflets x 50



Our new leaflet for Mother's Day that asks Iceland to stop selling kangaroo and other 'exotic' meats!

The numbers of farmed animals are tightly managed and they are bred according to supply and demand. Kangaroos are not farmed; they are tryly wild animals. As such, their popilation can fluctuate wildly - and is especially impacted by factors that can be difficult to predict, such as drought (which is only expected to worsen because of climate change) and disease. Whilst populations can build up in some areas they have plummeted in others. Commercialising any wild animal creates a business model that thrives on growth and there are a finite number of kangaroos. Australia has th worst wildlife record in the world - six species of kangaroos extinct, four more extinct on the Australian mainland, 17 species endangered or vulnerable. in 2011, the four large kangaroos that can be commercially shot were nom,inarted for listing in New South Wales as threatened species.