Positively Vegan Necklace

The Muddy Pig

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Are you a proud Vegan? Do you know a proud Vegan? Do you want to spread the vegan message without having to say a SINGLE thing!? Then this is the jewellery for you!

This oval, aluminium necklace comes is beautifully engraved with our "Positively Vegan" slogan. The necklace is designed by Em, at The Muddy Pig, who started making jewellery having worn her own 'vegan mama' pig shaped necklace for years and literally getting recognised for it.

Proceeds help to run the designers small pig sanctuary (The FellaShip Sanctuary) as well as the Viva! charity.

Sizing Guide

The design measures approx. 2 x 3 cm 



Aluminium pendant with a Silver plated chain.


Meet the Maker

I’m Em- the designer, I’ve been vegan for 8 years and 5 years ago I rescued my first pig who totally changed my life. I went on to rescue 14 from a closing down pig farm and made the media wherever possible to indirectly promote veganism through my rescue pigs. I became known as ‘the pig lady of soham’, in fact, if you type that into google i come up! This title is something I’m super proud of not least because there was a time in my life where I genuinely thought pigs were ‘disgusting’. Honestly that makes me so sad and embarrassed that I thought that way but it does help me understand pre-vegans a little better. 

So now, I help promote veganism through my jewellery and I absolutely LOVE making these pieces. I wear mine with absolute PRIDE! It gets noticed regularly and I always see people’s eyes drop down to my necklace. I just know that my jewellery spreads a vegan message everywhere we go and this is my drive! 

I’m so delighted to be able to make these pieces for Viva! and support an incredible cause as well as help run our small Pig Sanctuary here in Ramsey, Cambridge. I hope you love your purchase and thank you for your support!

Em x