POD: Open Your Eyes - Before It's Too Late

Tony Wardle

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Numerous story lines run through this intriguing and utterly gripping novel and coalesce towards the end – love, betrayal, political corruption, misogyny, friendship, a woman’s journey of discovery. Driving them along is a mystery which threatens everyone but only Jo Aldous is aware of it – the animals have had enough. As wife of the next prime minister, she threatens the party so is branded insane and crushed. With new-found strength, she refuses to be defeated until she finds the driving force behind her discovery.

‘Interweaving human story lines against a backdrop of political corruption – in a world on the brink. Brilliant!’ (Michael Mansfield QC, barrister)

‘POD is an extraordinary book – but then Tony Wardle is an extraordinarily talented writer. I reread some chapters just for the pleasure of it!’ (Wendy Turner Webster, TV presenter).

Stunning! Written with such persuasive and compelling force, I couldn’t put it down.’
(Juliet Gellatley, Founder & Director of Viva!).

‘Tony Wardle writes extremely well. Good and enviably clear prose, which I would have expected from a journalist of his standing.’ (G F Newman, TV writer, author)

‘It’s a gripping tale that draws you into a world that combines the familiar and the fantastic.’ (Dr Justine Butler)

‘Loved it! Brilliant plot, fantastic storylines, great dialogue and characters I believed in!’
(Jane Freeman – author and cookery writer).


    Written by Viva!’s very own Tony Wardle



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