Veganza Animal Heroes Series - Liberation

Susan Hargreaves

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VeganzaCourage and Freedom are animal heroes rescuing all species of animals in danger in this novel. One of Veganza's superpowers creates more heroes by empowering people with empathy. Courage, the vegan mermaid, defends all sea creatures. Freedom marshals the sky and all flying beings to help save animals in dire need. Together, this trifecta of formidable plant-powered super heroes face their biggest challenges yet in this exciting saga. Are the risks too great and the odds insurmountable? Can a daring daylight liberation save a transport truck full of animals facing certain death?

Bonus: The vegan tips and vegan recipes section equips the reader with the tools to start their own vegan hero life.


By Susan Hargreaves

Illustrated By Monique Martinez 


Hardcover / Paperback 

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