VGN FCTRY Classic Cappuccino Mix

VGN FCTRY Classic Cappuccino Mix


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It's a real treat to find a cappuccino mix that is vegan and it tastes amazing too!
Just add hot water for an instant creamy, rich flavour.

You can then customise it in your own favourite way, whether it's a bit of caramel agave, a sprinkling of chocolate powder or, for ultimate indulgence, perhaps topped with lots of Food Heaven Whipped Spray Cream!

This large 280g tub makes approximately 16 cappuccinos.



Coffee creamer (glucose syrup, hydrogenated coconut oil, modified maize starch, stabilizer: potassium phosphate, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, anti caking agent silicea, colouring: carotene), sugar, instant coffee (8.5%), flavours, salt.


Meet the Maker

VGN FCTRY have been making game-changing vegan products since 2011. This mother and daughter duo aim to make our world a little bit better every day, giving us access to plant-based products as an alternative to foods made from dairy.

From now and into the future, they say they are going to continue to surprise us with vegan delights and to make an active contribution to veganism - we can't wait!