Jom Fizzy Caramel Organic Candy

Jom Fizzy Caramel Organic Candy

Jom Organic

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Try the mind-blowing flavour bomb of smooth caramel and sour fizz. It’s a unique flavour combination that you need to experience. Made using only natural ingredients, these perfectly chewy Fizzy Caramel candies will have you reaching for Just One More…

Without compromising on either flavour or texture, all these sweets are organic, vegan, gluten free and free from palm oil. Basically, they’re as natural as sweets can be!

They’re so good, there’s always room for just one more…



Sugar*, Invert Sugar Syrup*, Water, Corn Starch*, Glucose Syrup* Acidifier (Tartaric Acid, Citric Acid), Natural Flavouring, Caramelised Sugar*, Glazing Agent (Sunflower Oil*, Carnauba Wax*). *=certified organic ingredients


Meet the Maker

JOM Organic were created by the candy obsessed Swedish sister duo Anna and Josefin. Having worked with confectionery for nearly eight years in London they noticed that more and more people (including themselves) wanted a better candy option. That was the beginning of their journey to create JOM Organic.

They believe it should be easy to make sustainable choices in our everyday lives. Even when it comes to candy. The earth is great place, but as most things, it can always get a bit better! That’s why it was a natural choice for them to create a candy that’s not only organic and vegan, but also doesn’t contain any palm oil or other nasties.

The result is a ridiculously delicious candy with a perfect chewy texture and lip smacking flavours. They’re so good, there’s always room for just one more…