Orange Blossom Infused Vegan Honea

Orange Blossom Infused Vegan Honea

Plant Based Artisan

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This delicious bee-less honey alternative is handcrafted from orange blossom and inulin which conjures up visions of Spanish orange groves with a smooth, deep flavour paired with delicate floral notes and a fresh, woody aroma of pine.

It contains prebiotics, which are non-digestible food ingredients that feed probiotics. Good gut bacteria are important in helping with immune function and food digestion. 

This golden vegan honey is perfect for sweetening porridge and drinks, smothered on toast, an ingredient in baking and salad dressings or generously drizzling over pancakes!

190g jar. Plastic free. Made in the UK.


Sugar, Inulin (22.43%), Apple Juice, Water, Lemon Juice, Natural Flowers, Molasses, Orange Blossom Water (0.35%).

Meet the Maker

Plant Based Artisan is London based and was established in 2017. Alex, the founder, never believed there had to be a compromise on great food or wonderful flavour. Plant Based Artisan creates a variety of delicious Honea flavours and has some exciting new products on the horizon!

"It is through our products that I want to share my love of great cruelty free food with no compromises" - Alex, PBA.