Short-dated November - Pollen + Grace Sesame and Acai Berry Super Square

Short-dated November - Pollen + Grace Sesame and Acai Berry Super Square

Pollen + Grace

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Best before: 27/11/2019

The 'Sesame + Acai Berry Super Square' is a gourmet addition to the dessert range.

Studded with crunchy buckwheat and pomegranate seeds, and enriched with acai and acerola superfruits, this little square is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins. The complementary creaminess of cashew and sesame with the vibrant, tart flavours of acai and acerola, packs a punchy flavour of natural indulgence.



Cashew nuts, brown rice syrup, sesame seeds, maple syrup, desiccated coconut, organic acerola powder, tahini paste, beetroot powder, organic virgin coconut oil, organic pomegranate seeds, buckwheat sprouts, organic acai berry powder, pink Himalayan salt


Meet the Maker

The Pollen + Grace story begins in 2015, just before the wellness wave hit London when the city was pretty void of any free-from options. Focusing on making natural options readily available, tasty, and exciting, they never compromise on the quality of ingredients.

The Super Squares are the ultimate natural indulgence. 100% natural, vegan dessert bars with a soft, fudgy texture, strong, lasting flavours and a great dose of superfoods. They're the answer to all of our snacking desires and the ultimate in post-snack satisfaction.