Strawberry SugarSin Lollipops

Strawberry SugarSin Lollipops


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Hard-boiled, sugar dusted lollipops in a delicious strawberry flavour. Satisfyingly soft yet crunchy and bursting with flavour, these are made with real fruit and juice concentrates and wont leave your teeth sore!



Sugar, acidity regulator (citric acid), stabilising agent (potassium tartrates), natural flavours, fruit and vegetable juice concentrates


Meet the Maker

It all started with a dream by the two Swedes, Anna and Josefin, with a sweet tooth and an obsession to bring quality treats that are current and enjoyable. They have since become globally recognised for their Gourmet Cocktail Gummies, a great Swedish Pick n’ Mix Selection and delicious Chocolate treats.

They're devoted to bring sweets that are enjoyable to look at, as they are to indulge, offering a range of gourmet, vegan and quality sweets. You can rest assure that when you treat yourself with SugarSin products, you’ll be tasting the world’s finest sweets made from natural colours and flavours.