Booja-Booja Fine de Champagne Truffles

Booja-Booja Fine de Champagne Truffles


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An enchantingly elegant box with a soft velvety finish makes it the perfect present for chocolate connoisseurs, and indeed anyone who enjoys a little stylish pleasure. Award-winning ganache truffles that melt in your mouth, made from 55% cocoa solids (so not bitter), coconut oil and inebriated with organic French Fine de ChampagneEach box contains 12 truffles. 138g


Chocolate* (cocoa solids* 55%, cane sugar*, vanilla*), Coconut Oil*, Fine de Champagne* (7%), Agave Syrup*, Cocoa Powder*
*=organically grown ingredients.


Meet the Maker

Booja-Booja offers you delicious moments of beautiful sweet pleasure that help you brighten the faces of your friends and loved ones ...and to occasionally quietly enjoy on your own and smile. Exquisite melt in your month chocolate truffles and scrummy ice cream alternatives - all whispering to your senses. 

Our recipes have the perfectly minimal number of simple organic ingredients and everything is dairy, gluten and soya free. And then comes the ongoing tweaking - all in pursuit of the holy grail of pure perfection.