Mixed Cider Case

Mixed Cider Case

Vintage Roots

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Discover a plentiful collection of mixed cider Vintage Roots. All organic.

This case contains 20 bottles:

Dunkertons Premium cider x5 (UK) 

This British cider hails from the Herefordshire region, made from organic apples grown without chemicals or pesticides. It's fully organic, and the orchards are environmentally sustainable. The cider is made from a blend of apples, with traditional varieties like Brown Snout, Foxwhelp, and Sheep's Nose mixing with modern varieties like Balls Bitter Sweet and "Improved" Kingston Black. The mixture makes for a delicious, award-winning cider! Big, uplifting, refreshing organic cider that's pretty strong too!


Wyld Wood Cider x5 (UK) 

This cider is produced using organic cider apples and matured in old oak vats which results in an easy to drink cider with a ripe apple aroma and a refreshing well balanced taste. This is an organic cider that everyone must try.


Ashridge Vintage Cider x5 (UK) 

From the Devon region of England comes this beautiful sparkling apple cider. Rather than using more traditional methods of producing the cider, this is produced using the Champagne method. The result is a carbonated organic cider, a wonderfully flavorful beverage indeed. The carbonation is light and subtle, preventing the fizz from overpowering the aromas and deep flavours that set this apple cider apart. You'll love the medium-dry cider, with its rich taste of cooked apples, just the right amount of tannins, and a "little something funky" on the palate. The perfect cider to serve at a luncheon or afternoon party.

Cider is extremely food-friendly, try serving it in wine glasses with a range of foods and see what works best!


Sheppy's Medium Dry Cider x5 (UK)

There's nothing in the world quite like British cider, and this Somerset cider is as good as it gets. With a 6% ABV, it has a good amount of body, making ideal to drink with meals. Made from home-grown organic cider apples, this is as traditional as it gets. The cider contains a unique blend of apples, such as Hangdown and Dover varieties, giving you a rich, unusual flavour that you can't help but love. The cider has a light, refreshing sparkle, and its medium taste makes it a great item to drink alone or paired with the right foods.Truly appley mid-sweet organic cider, this organic cider is fermented on its lees to give the fullest flavour possible.


In the event that one of the wines in this mixed case is out of stock, Vintage Roots will send you the best available alternative