Mixed Lager Case

Mixed Lager Case

Vintage Roots

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Discover a powerful collection of mixed larger from Vintage Roots.

This case contains 20 bottles:

Freedom Lager 33cl x5 (UK) Organic

Delicious lager which has a rounded malty flavour with a subtle bitterness and smooth caramel undertone. It is made with organic hops and malt. Offering a clean, crisp drinking experience when served chilled. The fizz is tight and the traditional Bavarian Hallertau hops pepper it with enough spice to add interest without overpowering the full-bodied malt flavours


Sam Smith Lager 35.5cl x5 (UK) Organic

Made by a small, independent brewery in the Yorkshire countryside, this is the ideal lager to drink at a party! You'll love the clean, pale yellow colour of the lager, as well as its beautifully foamy head. Don't expect the white head to dissipate any time soon; it has real staying power, giving you the refreshing scents of a strong, malty lager. Neither too bitter nor too sweet, this beer strikes a good balance between malt and hops--tending slightly more towards the malty. Thanks to the Vienna malt used in the mash, this brew has both fruity and toffee notes in the finish. All in all, a brilliant brew!


Cannabia 33cl x5 (Germany) Organic

Instead of using only malt, hops, and wheat, this organic lager is brewed with hemp as one of the ingredients. Made in Bavaria, this Austrian-brewed beer has a unique flavour that is brilliantly smooth, crisp, and refreshing. The brew has a 5% ABV, making it excellent for both casual drinkers and those who want to savour their beer. The aromas of hemp flower are complex, and each new brew has its own unique flavours. The result is a quality beer that is different every time you drink it. Very crisp, enjoyable organic continental lager. 


Daas Blonde 33cl x5 (Belgium)

Strong, bottle conditioned golden beer. There's a spicy aroma with coriander, banana, and a dry, hoppy finish. Gluten-free, using deglutenization process to retain the beer's original full flavours.


In the event that one of the lagers in this mixed lager case is out of stock, Vintage Roots will send you the best available alternative