Vantastic Giant Bag of White Chocolate Buttons

Vantastic Giant Bag of White Chocolate Buttons

Vantastic Foods

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Colossal bag of VEGAN white chocolate buttons, suitable for vegan baking, snacking, cake decorating or just about anything that needs buttons! This creamy, divine chocolate is made from cocoa butter, sugar and a little magic. 500g


Cocoa butter, sugar, maltodextrin, lupine flour, emulsifier: soya lecithin, salt, flavoring: vanillin 


Meet the Maker

Germany's No. 1 Vegan Food Brand - VANTASTIC FOODS, AVE's own brand, offers delicious and 100% vegetarian specialities.
With VANTASTIC FOODS' exquisite innovations there will be more variety in shopping baskets, in kitchens and on plates! They offer lots of taste and authenticity and the name really says it all because the products can hardly be distinguished from the animal equivalents.
Our Vantastic Foods SCHAKALODE (CHACALOTE), available in a variety of creations, represents innovative and vegan alternatives to milk chocolate. Produced manually in a small chocolate manufacture, these specialities impress with their selected ingredients, the uniquely "milky-real" taste, the delicate softness and the full flavour of the highest quality cocoa beans.
Discover these and many more of our top quality delicacies – the variety of our products will inspire you!