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Adopt Jethro the Bull

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Jethro is a Holstein Friesian commonly known as a dairy calf. When Jethro came arrived at the sanctuary, he was very small and very timid. The sanctuary workers would go into the stable to give him his milk and he would back away from them. But now, surrounded by loving and caring people, Jethro is growing into a confident boy who now loves a chin rub and cuddle.

For £25 (inc p&p) a year your NEW pack will include: a letter, personalised A5 certificate, 6x4” colour photo supplied in a cool magnetic frame and one update.

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About the Lisa James Animal Sanctuary

Lisa James Animal Sanctuary started so that they could offer a safe haven for horses and farmed animals that had been abused, neglected and saved from slaughter.

They have an assortment of beautiful companions including turkeys, hens, ducks, goats, sheep, horses and of course eight bull calves - one of which was only a few days old when he was rescued.

The sanctuary is vegan run and believes that every living being has the right to live a safe, free from harm life.

Thelma & Louise Rescue

On 22 September, Viva! and Lisa James Animal Sanctuary teamed up to rescue two pregnant dairy cows. We chose the names' Thelma and Louise because of the parallels between these two cows and their on screen counterparts; and because they are two brave best friends who escaped!

Thelma started out shy and worried but has slowly been coming out of her shell. She stays very close to Louise - there is no doubt that they share an extremely close bond. She enjoys spending time with the mail dairy calves, especially Rudy the calf!

Louise is bold and curious. She would not allow Lisa or Juliet to touch her when she first arrived at the sanctuary but within two weeks she gave her first kiss! On 13 November, Louise gave birth to beautiful baby boy named Charlie Enfys - 'Charlie' means 'free man' and 'Enfys' is Welsh for rainbow, which symbolises this new beginning and his birthplace in Wales. Both Mum and baby are flourishing at their new home receiving love and affection, never too far from her best friend and mum-to-be, Thelma!

Lisa's Story

I joined forces with Viva! to rescue two heavily pregnant dairy cows, saved from a closing down dairy farm. These gentle and wonderful mums-to-be were destined for slaughter. Their babies would have been taken within 48 hours of birth.

Thelma and Louise arrived in their new field and, as the back of the truck was lowered, they ran out into their new forever home.

We can offer these ladies a safe haven forever, where they can start their new lives - free. We do however, desperately need to raise funds for feed, a shelter for them and, once the calves arrive, any veterinary care they may need. What an amazing Christmas it will be for Thelma and Louise! - Lisa James Animal Sanctuary.