Fabulous Freefrom Factory Chocovered Sea Salted Fudgee Bites

Fabulous Freefrom Factory

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Fabulous Freefrom Factory has done it again! Scrumptious little chunks of dairy free fudge with a pinch of sea salt and covered in gorgeous vegan milk chocolate. YUM!  No Nasties! No hydrogenated fats. No artificial colours or flavours. No artificial preservatives. Gluten free. GM free. 65g

*Please note image shows fudgee bites much smaller than they actually are. 



fudge (sugar, glucose syrup,soya milk, fondant [sugar, glucose syrup], cocoa butter, sea salt, natural flavouring, colour: plain caramel), dairy free chocolate ( sugar, cocoa butter, soya flour, cocoa liquor, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin), glazing agents: gum arabic, zein. 

Chocolate coating (50%), fudge (50%). Dairy free chocolate coating contains 30% minimum cocoa solids


Meet the Maker

Fabulous Freefrom Factory lovingly create unique Dairy Free Delights, using homemade traditional methods. We are award-winning confectioner's, our raison d'être is to create dairy-free sweets and treats that tickle your tastebuds. Our challenge is to make sure you can’t tell the difference between our sweets and those that contain dairy.