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4 weeks of Defeating Diabetes with the D-Diet

The D-Diet is a groundbreaking diet for reversing or preventing diabetes. Its simple rules and science behind it are fully explained in our guide: The Big-D - Defeating Diabetes with the D-Diet.

When you pledge to follow the D-Diet for four weeks, you'll receive our D-pack containing:

  • Scientific report The Big-D: Defeating Diabetes Through Diet
  • Guide The Big-D: Defeating Diabetes with the D-Diet packed with theoretical as well as practical information, shopping guide, and containing more than a week's worth of recipes
  • A direct line number for nutritional enquiries
  • Fun, colourful wall chart which shows you where to get all the nutrients you need from for a healthy, vibrant diet at a glance. Laminated so ideal to put up on your fridge or on a kitchen wall.
  • A feedback form - because we want to hear about your experience and progress!
  • Recipe access - access to our online recipe club