Vegan Singles Badge- Green

Vegan Singles Badge

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Are you vegan and single? Is that compassionate potential partner proving rather more elusive than you’d hoped?

Then wear the badge for single vegans! A new & fun way to advertise your single status to other vegan singles – the perfect accessory for vegan festivals and other like-minded gatherings, yet discreet enough to wear anywhere and everywhere while out and about – in the local health food shop, at the supermarket, in coffee shops, bars and restaurants. The chances of connecting with someone who shares your values can’t help but improve when you can see who they are first!

Subtle yet striking, the badge is bright and easily recognisable with its unusual one-inch square format. For simplicity and inclusiveness, it comes in just one design, identifying the wearer only as single and vegan – the rest is up to you!

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Meet the Maker

The Vegan Singles Badge idea developed after Martin Fox from Exeter realised that many of his vegan friends were also single and open to meeting like-minded prospective partners. He enlisted the help of vegan Falmouth University illustration student Vita Sleigh to design the logo and is delighted with her work – thanks, Vita!