Adopt Barbara the Hen

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Barbara the hen lives at the Farm Animal Sanctuary in Evesham, UK. She was rescued from a ‘free-range’ egg farm at just a few years old. Barbara was going to be killed because her eggs weren’t the 'right' shape anymore. This is normal for a hen of her age. Barbara was very lucky that she didn’t get culled at such a young age, just because her eggs were no longer the most desirable shape to sell to the demanding  public. Although their natural life span is about eight years, millions of healthy hens like Barbara are killed each year at just one or two years old.

Being at the sanctuary is obviously making Barbara very happy. Previously, at this ‘free-range’ farm she was trapped indoors with thousands of others, and hadn’t ever seen the sun or walked on grass. Now she is loving life - she likes to explore the sanctuary, burrow in the soil, bathe and eat fresh vegetables.

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