All That Remains Collection of Short Stories

All That Remains Collection of Short Stories


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Within this book lies a house and within this house lies a world - a world of stories.  A wonderful adventure made up of 12 fairytales written for grown-ups. The house is a diary of ages and fashions, a monument of moments frozen into stone and wood.  These imaginative stories are tied together not only by the house but by a common theme of living happily, sustainably and in harmony with nature. They also carry a warning for all of us, hinting at the disastrous consequences of our destructive behaviour. Beautifully illustrated throughout.

Reviewed by the Animal Rights Photographer Jo-Anne McArthur (subject of the documentary 'The Ghosts in our Machine') as being "...about animals, human over-population, and change. The stories in this book are told as fairy tales, but the facts are true. I adore this book! It's a work of art.... freakin' brilliant. I'm taken aback by it."


Philip McCulloch-Downs





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