Angel Food Parmesan Alternative - Smoky

Angel Food Parmesan Alternative - Smoky

Angel Food

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At long last, pasta dishes everywhere can rejoice! This zesty cruelty-free parm is great on pasta, mashed potato, sliced fresh tomatoes, or even gives a special lift to beans on toast! Basically use anywhere you would have used powdered Parmesan. Created by the lovely, plant-based company Angel Food in New Zealand - we think we've sourced the best parmesan around. Shaker top for easy sprinkling! The Smoky flavour has a hint of mesquite smoke. 100g.


Coconut flour, sunflower oil, salt, yeast extract, natural flavour (dairy-free and vegan), citric acid, white pepper, antioxidant (natural herb extract).


Meet the Maker

Everything Angel Food™ make is free from dairy, eggs, meat and GE but bursting with love. Perfect for the vegans or vegetarians in your life. Designed for maximum enjoyment and minimum intolerance
NZ-made, for healthier eaters everywhere, making it easier to cut back on dairy every day.
Cooked up in Aotearoa New Zealand and inspired by kindness to nature.
Using the goodness of peas, sunflowers, coconut and corn instead of dairy, eggs, or meat,
making it easy to replace the familiar and delicious.
We love what we do, and we love that it brings joy to others, too!