Beco Pets- Hemp Squeaky Rope - Medium

Beco Pets

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An interactive rope toy packed with loud puncture proof squeakers. The hemp ropes tough fibres are great for cleaning dogs teeth as it acts as a natural toothbrush, helping to scrub off the bad stuff that gathers on your dog's teeth throughout the day. The more they chew, the cleaner their teeth. The cleaner their teeth, the more they can chew! What's more the squeakers will keep them entertained. One squeak and your dog will come running to your feet, so long as there are no squirrels in the garden. They have to keep you safe after all!

Dimensions: Size Medium 36 x 3 x 4.5cm
Materials: Woven Hemp Rope and Recycled Cotton

Meet the Maker

Sustainability is at the heart of Beco Pets. All of their products are made as natural as possible, and with sustainable materials. Recycled plastic features in a lot of their toys, and as a result they have saved 1.8 million plastic bottles and 48 million plastic bags from polluting oceans in the last year alone.