Cocoa Libre Dark Chocolate Mint Crackers

Cocoa Libre

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Gorgeous chunky dark chocolate penguins with a hint of peppermint!

Hand-crafted using only top quality, natural ingredients with a variety of delicious flavours and toppings, this is a thoughtful, beautifully packaged gift that's sure to delight.




Cocoa mass, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Emulsifier: SOYA LECITHIN, Natural vanilla flavouring, Peppermint oil, Cocoa solids 55% min.


Meet the Maker

Cocoa Libre has a mission to produce exciting, delicious chocolates that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of your health, lifestyle choices or beliefs. In short they believe eating chocolate should be an inclusive experience enjoyed by all.

Cocoa Libre's products are high quality products that don’t sacrifice the taste or sense of indulgence. Their milk chocolate is made with rice-milk, a sustainable plant based alternative to dairy that makes our chocolate creamy and indistinguishable from conventional milk chocolate.