Cornwall's Chocolate Cove Fairtrade Fresh Coffee

Cornwall's Chocolate Cove Fairtrade Fresh Coffee

Cornwall's Chocolate Cove

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Experience new heights of pleasure with deep, enriching shots of freshly ground, fair trade coffee, softened, as if it needed it, with a tiny splash of caramel.

Coffee, known for it's stimulating properties in physical training and mental alertness, is fast becoming the new superfood with new evidence emerging about it's possible protection against various diseases...personally, we just love it for it's rich, aromatic, beautiful flavour...
Every so often we'll try a new coffee, so keep checking back in case we have your favourite or if you'd like to try something new! Currently we're using ethically sourced coffee from the Peru Mayni Indigenous Community.
Please note: The coffee is roasted, not raw.



Raw Cacao Butter*, Antioxidant High Raw Cacao*, Low GI  Coconut Sugar*, Vitamin Rich Raw Lucuma*, Fleshly Fair Trade Coffee*, Splash of Agave*, Natural Caramel Flavour (72% min cacao solids). 



Meet the Maker

Judy Hedden, the Founder of Cornwall's Chocolate Cove, has developed healthy and delicious chocolate in the heart of Cornwall.  The company is now a small, strong family of like-minded people, who all enjoy good health, good food and good fun creating a range of unique chocolates inspired by Cornwall’s natural beauty and spirit for adventure!

All their chocolates are raw, vegan, cane sugar free, gluten free, soya free and they are working towards making them 100%* organic. Their intention is to create chocolates that are as nutritious as possible, but without the denial of pleasure created by delicious taste, so they take great care in thoughtfully selecting ingredients known for their vitamin, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as for their beautiful flavour experience.