Cuban Mojito Soy Candle

Cuban Mojito Soy Candle

Vegan Bunny

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Time to lose it! There is not a happier candle scent out there nor even a better one to enjoy the weekend!

This Soy Candle was made using Lime & Peppermint Essential Oil. All the natural benefits of the Aromatherapy oils are filled in this little jar as we use low wax temperatures before adding the oils, to make sure it all stays there.



100% Soy Wax with Lime & Peppermint Essential Oil


Meet the Maker

Vegan Bunny - "We produce & sell handmade candles, that are Vegan, free from pesticides, herbicies & Genetically modified materials (GMM). Also all we produce is certified by Peta as Vegan & Cruelty free, making our company kind to every kind."