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Easy Vegan offers 160 delicious recipes without animal products for wannabe vegans, existing vegans or those wishing to learn more. With tons of gorgeous minimal photography to accompany these delightfully easy recipes - most contain ingredients you don't have to hunt for down the aisles of the supermarket and can be whipped up at a moment's notice: the Mushroom & Avocado Panini a prime example of this. For foodies after a little culinary challenge there are some exquisite dinner party-worthy recipes too from Zucchini & Farro Fritters to the mouth-droppingly delicious Sweet Potato Raviolo with Sage Butter & Pine Nuts. 

Easy Vegan includes great explanations on how to replace the animal- sourced elements of recipes: how to 'veganise' a recipe, how to make vegan butter, how to replace eggs in a recipe, and uses illustration to break down some of the facts surrounding vegan food into visuals, so key information is easy (and fun) to assimilate. 


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