SALE - Ethicoco Strawberry White Chocolate Bar

SALE - Ethicoco Strawberry White Chocolate Bar


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A dairy free alternative to white chocolate with strawberries.

100% vegan and naturally grown ingredients. Created from a delicious high quality cocoa butter for a rich chocolate undertone, a rice alternative to milk, and a very generous amount of real strawberries. 100g


Unrefined Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter (35%), Rice, Strawberries (4%), Sunflower Oil, Vanilla Bean.


Meet the Maker

Stone ground in the UK from the finest imported beans, Ethicoco is Hampshire’s only chocolate factory, producing a range of dairy free milk and dark chocolate bars from ethically sourced products.

All the ingredients are naturally grown, produced with beans certified by the Rain Forest Alliance, The FairTrade Organisation, or sourced via direct trade. The “Dairy Free Alternative to Milk” chocolate bars are produced from an oat or rice alternative, while all the chocolates use unrefined raw cane sugar.