Factory Farms Breed Pandemics - Slash The Risk A2 Poster

Factory Farms Breed Pandemics - Slash The Risk A2 Poster


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Neither the Government nor media is advising us how to avoid the worst health effects of this pandemic nor are they telling us how to avoid future pandemics. Well, Viva! is!  

Our Slash the Risk campaign involves placing huge billboards in the West Midlands and Bristol in November and December which will reach 12 million people. One reveals the risk from factory farming and urges people to try Viva!’s new V7 and go vegan for one week; while another urges people to protect themselves from severe Covid symptoms by going vegan. 

 Text reads: Factory Farms are breeding grounds for pandemics. Ditch animals, eat plants -simple! Not only are factory farms cruel, they are rife with disease, making them ideal environments for creating future pandemics. Slash the risk, go vegan. Try the 1week challenge! 7dayvegan.org.uk/

This A2 poster is the perfect addition to a stall. 

About Viva!

Viva!’s fight is a fight for life – for animals and ourselves. Through effective campaigning, we take the brutal reality of intensive farming to the people who can effect the most change: consumers. Our wide-ranging campaigns promote veganism as the best way to save animals from suffering, protect the environment, improve health and help those in developing countries.

We have cleared most shelves of so-called ‘exotic meats’; our campaign against factory farming of pigs, turkeys and ducks aw deaths dive; we are closer than ever to a foie-gras free Britain and meat and dairy consumption are down in the UK thanks to Viva! and you. Viva! is a registered charity (1037486).