Falafel Forever


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The ultimate in light fast food, Middle Eastern falafel have become a universally adored comfort dish. Learn how to make best-ever falafel with tips and tricks and this creative collection of recipes.

In the Fried section try the Fennel & Lemon Scented Falafel or Juicy Brown Rice Faux-lafel. In the Baked chapter find Crunchy Sesame Falafel or Falafel Croquettes. The Raw section offers snacks such as tasty Mediterranean Seed Falafel, which are packed with good stuff, and very low fat.

The savoury taste and filling texture of falafel means they are great in a wide range of dishes. Falafel forever is for the falafel-obsessed as well as people who are new to trying this delicious dish in all its various forms.

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