Going Dairy-Free Super Pack

Going Dairy-Free Super Pack


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Going Dairy-Free Super Pack
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Going dairy-free has never been so easy!

This colourful pack bursting with juicy information, tips and recipes contains:

Everyone’s Going Dairy-Free Guide: Features 40 pages chock full of recipes from homemade Cashew Cream to vegan Tiramisu; a handy chart that shows you what foods are calcium-rich; helpful shopping lists on where to get your essential dairy-free products from vegan cheese to tofu and Viva!'s top dairy-free secrets.

Why You Don’t Need Dairy Guide: The definitive, go-to guide for those who want to go dairy-free, get informed (and healthy!) and find tasty alternatives. Covers topics including health impacts of drinking milk, calcium in a dairy-free diet, bone health, dairy cow and goat farming and a lot more about milk - and why you’re better off without it.

What I Need Each Day for Good Health Wallchart: Inspiring, vibrant chart that details recommended portion sizes for each of the five veggie food groups and the essential vitamins and nutrients they provide. Laminated. 210 x 465mm

Vegan Vitamins & Minerals Wallchart: Fun, colourful wallchart which shows you where to get all the nutrients you need from plants for a healthy, vibrant diet at a glance. Laminated, so ideal to put up on your fridge or on a kitchen wall. 210mm x 585mm.

Calcium fact sheet: This fact sheets explains how calcium from cow's milk can harm and why plant calcium is best. Includes information on healthy bones and best calcium sources.

Dairy-Free Pocket Rocket: A handy mini guide (smaller than a business card) briefly explaining why going dairy-free is a healthy, natural choice and how to make the switch. Full of practical information, tips and tricks – perfect for keeping in your wallet!

Everyone’s Going Vegan magazine: Everywhere, people are asking questions about changing their diet – Everyone’s Going Vegan provides the answers. The 64 page magazine includes 13 pages of delicious recipes, four pull-out charts to help you eat and cook better, interviews with celebrities, vegan diet basics and the Veganiser for adapting your favourite meals, Viva!’s undercover investigations, a feature on the environmental impact of eating animals, FAQs and lots more!

Calcium  Nutritional Poster: Forming part of Viva!'s 'Healthy Reminders' series. This brand new poster colourfully displays all the rich sources of plant-based calcium from baked beans to blackcurrants. Laminated, so ideal to stick up in the kitchen or classrooms.