Joie De Vegan Melange Navy Sling Bag

Joie De Vegan Melange Navy Sling Bag


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Featuring the words "Joie De Vegan". Printed on recycled organic cotton/recycled polyester fabric blend. Features single strap to wear easily over your shoulder.

Sizing Guide

 36 x 40cm.



60% recycled organic cotton/40% recycled polyester


Meet the Maker

Lisa Delarny sculptor and painter for the past 30 years. Her subject matter has recently turned to the relationships we have with the animals we share our planet with.

"When I was eight, my eldest sister's interest in hinduism introduced the idea of vegetarianism into our animal loving household, and this held for many years and then eventually became veganism." 

"When dealing with this emotive subject matter, I try not to use graphic shock and horror imagery, as I have found that people recoil and will not engage, as the truth really is too horrific and the blind eye is instantly turned to protect the viewer!"

"I feel that to get the message to the widest audience, T-shirts, tote bags, mug designs, maybe calenders are the best vehicles."

Read more about Lisa on Viva!'s Art for Animals page.