Love Bifold Wallet


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Beautiful screen-printed wallet displaying an image of two elephants with their trunks forming the shape of a heart, and the word love.

Using the finest Italian-crafted microfibre, our fave American designers over at Herbivore have come up with a bi-fold wallet that's long-lasting, slim and vegan! This product is also sweatshop-free and crack & scuff-resistant.

Each wallet holds multiple cards and money (not coins!) and includes a sticker - just for you!

Made of imported extremely durable vegan Italian-crafted microfiber and cut and sewed at wonderful sewing shop in Portland, Oregon.

Sizing Guide

Measures 9.5 x 7cm when closed.





Meet the Maker

The Herbivore Clothing Company makes and sells cruelty-free clothing, cookbooks, wallets, belts, bags, art, jewelry, and lots more. All vegan, based in Portland, Oregon. Established 2002.