Prodigy Peanut & Caramel Cahoots Chocolate Bar

Prodigy Peanut & Caramel Cahoots Chocolate Bar

Prodigy Snacks

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These new prodigy bars have reborn chocolate...

The chunky chocolate upholds a divinely smooth and creamy taste but is made with less than half the sugar of regular chocolate bars! Not only that, but the bar is largely raw and organic, and boasts pre-biotic benefits. Maybe it can be classed as more of a healthy treat 😉

The Peanut & Caramel bar features our favourite combo of chocolate, peanuts and caramel - an absolutely classic!

Rest assured, the wrapper is plastic-free compostable material so it should completely break down over time in your compost or food waste bin




*Cacao butter, *Raw cacao nibs, *Coconut sugar, Inulin, *Cream Coconut, Raw lucuma, *Coconut flavour, *Raw baobab (2.11%), *Orange oil (0.32%)

 *Organic ingredients

Cocoa content (46%)


Meet the Maker

Prodigy Snacks are reinventing chocolate the healthy way. Their products are locally made in the UK and are vegan, gluten free and wrappers are plastic free!