Protest Kitchen

Protest Kitchen


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Fight injustice, save the planet, and fuel your resistance one meal at a time.

Feminist-vegan activist and scholar Carol J. Adams provides a fascinating and thought-provoking insight into the ways in which our choices can have a profound effect on world we inhabit and the beings that we share it with. This book combines practical advice with recipes – and not just cracking food, but also recipes for animals and cleaning products and more! A great read for anyone looking to live a more compassionate life. Sections include Dreaming of an Inclusive Democracy, Food Justice and Feeding Your Resistance. Recipe highlights include Groovin’ Reuben, Muhamara (a walnut based dip), and Peanut Butter Dog Buscuits for your pooch. This ain’t your average cookbook folks!


Carol J Adams and Viginia Messina




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