Rhythm 108 Organic Choco Walnut Brownie


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This truly indulgent snack bar is packed with walnuts, almonds, dates and double chocolate – both chocolate chips and cacao paste! 
100% rich cocoa paste with walnut chunks, baked to perfection, like a brownie! Enjoy on the go - or warmed up for that extra bit of indulgence. Made with only the finest organic ingredients, no refined sugar or flavourings.

Ingredients: dates, cacao paste, almonds, walnuts, chocolate chips (cocoa paste, coconut flower sugar, cocoa butter)

Allergens: see ingredients in bold.  May contain traces of other nuts, soy, peanuts and lupin.

Meet the Maker

 Rhythm 108 was founded by Patissiers and Bakers who love food, and weren’t inspired by today’s fast moving and complicated food system.

The craftsmanship, care, and appreciation of the little things made them think of food as so much more than just fuel – it was a way of expressing creativity and a means to forming close, real relationships.

Rhythm 108 took this passion and local artisan tradition and used it to create delicious treats that were based on modern values – plant-based, natural, and wholesome.

Today, the team is made of some amazingly experienced and talented Patissiers from our region, who bring local know-how to each our of the delicious recipes.