Short-dated November - Goupies Egg - Original

Short-dated November - Goupies Egg - Original


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Short-dated November - 25/11/2019

Meet the Original Goupie egg... the Original Goupie chocolates are cut into smaller pieces, covered in even more chocolate and packaged in a reusable, Faberge-inspired, tin egg and quirky Kraft box. Perfect for those looking for something a bit different this Easter!

This egg is vegan friendly and comes in 36 different egg designs. These are chosen at random so you'll get a lovely surprise when your order arrives!


Ways to reuse this tin egg case: 
1. Melt your old candles into each of the two halves, add a wick, voila!
2. Use the egg as a handy travel soap dish.
3. Embrace the Fabergé extravagance, and protect your most previous jewels inside.
4. Refill the egg next year, with some hand-made truffles - upcycle your egg!
5. Display the egg in a glass box in the centre of your living room, it's beautiful!


Golden Syrup, 54% Belgian Chocolate, Biscuit, RSPO Palm Oil, Sugar, Toasted Rice, 100% Fairtrade Cocoa Powder


Meet the Maker

All Goupie branded products are based on a genuine family recipe. Janet Simpson has refined this original cocoa-rich chewy chocolate confection into a range of distinctive flavours: all made by hand, and then cut into distinctive triangular pieces.

“Goupie is all about delivering flavour, but we have been determined from the outset to make it an affordable indulgence,” says Janet.  “We believe in selling the product, not the packaging.  The result is an honest, tasty confection that seems to have almost universal appeal, even among those who do not profess to have a sweet tooth.”