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Heather Mills is an undisputed vegan warrior, whether it be campaigning for the animals, donating her fee from US TV's Dancing With The Stars to Viva!, launching V-Bites restaurant in Brighton or working with a groundbreaking healthy vegan food project in one of the poorest parts of New York.

And now Heather, this beautiful recipe book! Love Bites is fresh, bright and illustrated throughout and opens up to stand easily on a work surface.
Many recipes make imaginative use of vegan meat and cheese products but there are plenty without, such as Szechuan Ratatouille or Green Bean & Fagioli Salsa Salad. 

These recipes solve the enduring conundrum of what to serve a group of mixed-eaters, from die-hard veggies to meat-eaters and even those who dabble!


Heather Mills



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