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Smith & Deli-cious: Food From Our Deli (That Happens To Be Vegan)

Shannon Matinez & Mo Wyse

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From the creatives who brought you the innovative Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook (That Happens to be Vegan), Shannon Martinez and Mo Wyse are proud to present: Smith & Deli-cious: Food From Our Deli (That Happens to be Vegan). Their trailblazing vegan deli, in Melbourne, Australia, serves huge lines of customers every day with salads, soups, baked goods and treats. Across seven chapters, these pages help you skip the queue and go right to the good stuff: salads (including German potato salad; Beetroot, black lentil, yoghurt and dill salad, and Sushi salad), soups (Borscht; Corn congee; Smoky potato and leek; Split pea), baked treats (Banana split cake; Brownies, Lemon tart; Chocolate, mandarin and sour cherry pudding), dough both sweet and savoury (Sticky buns; Doughnuts; Dill pretzels), meals (Chilli, Mac and `cheese', Kimchi fried rice; `Cheesy' broccoli and cauliflower pie; Carbonara) and basics (stock; rices; sides; sauces; dips).

The 100 vegan recipes span many cuisines, bringing the meat-free flavours of the world into your kitchen. Forget your preconceptions of vegan food: this book celebrates delicious plant-based food the way it should be: big, bold and flavourful.


Shannon Matinez and Mo Wyse



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