The Vegan Baker

Dunja Gulin

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There is a wonderfully rich, continental flavour to the 50-strong recipes in The Vegan Baker; Pan di Spagna, a light pound cake traditionally eaten at weddings in Croatia; Black Forest Gateau Cupcakes pay homage to the German dessert classic and Soparnik Pies filled with onions and greens are a healthy Turkish-influenced lunch, not dissimilar to Cornish pasties. Each recipe is paired with enticing photography, Dunja ensures whatever comes out of your oven is a smashing success. The basics of vegan baking are covered including how to make vegan buttermilk to the best sweetener, flour and fat substitutes for a healthier bake. While the handy Troubleshooting chapter gives tips on how to avoid the dreaded soggy bottom (of the pastry kind!) and ensure your frosting is always fluffy. Whether you’re craving a simple scone, fancy the challenge of a three-tiered chocolate cake or in the mood for savoury snacks, The Vegan Baker has it all.

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