Vegan Stitch Lavender Hearts

Vegan Stitch

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Vegan lovers of all things handmade and crafty, get your mitts on the cutest, hand-stitched yarn 'Vegan' hearts you ever did see!

Filled with lavender to keep your room fresh and fragrant and handmade with love by Vegan Stitch. Comes with a ribbon hanging. 

We have a limited amount of Vegan Hearts and they come in three colours. Snap them up before they sell out.


Meet the Maker

'Vegan Stitch' is the brainchild of Georgie Gardner, lover of all things textile, knitted and stitched. 

As a passionate vegan and animal right activist Georgie noted, whilst studying for her degree in Textile Design at Derby University, just how prominent and unquestioned the use of wool and other animal products are in the textiles industry.

Being vegan is not merely a question of diet, it is an ethical stance against all animal cruelty and the use of any animal derived product be it in our clothing, homeware or otherwise.

Wool is a difficult product to avoid, with many people questioning the quality of alternatives and even doubting that cruelty exists within the industry. Without question, it does, and Vegan Stitch aims to spread this message by offering beautiful, quality alternatives and delivering a strong ethical message.