Viva! Vegan Too Good Too Waste Box

Viva! Vegan Too Good Too Waste Box


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The Viva! Vegan Too Good Too Waste Box contains a mix of vegan treats that have passed their best before dates- but are still very tasty! 

The ‘best before' date on a product gives you a general guide as to the quality of the food is at is best. The food will be safe to eat after this date but may not be at its best. 

The treats will be a surprise so it's a great way to find new vegan chocolates and sweets you’ve not tried before and is a good way to help reduce food waste!

The contents of these boxes will depend on our current stock and therefore we cannot guarantee the exact items you will receive and some boxes may contain the same items.

Your box will be filled with £21.18 worth of goods and will cost only £7! And will generally contain 4-7 items.

Items within the box may also be discontinued items, surplus stock eg: Christmas/ Easter, chocolate broken in half- but always tasty! 

Allergens: Some products will contain soya, nuts, gluten and some products may be produced in factories where dairy & nut products are also present, so traces may be present in those products.

Products are either just past their Best Before Date (no more than 4 months beyond BBD), or lightly damaged and still within their BBD.

No returns or refunds are eligible on individual items inside the box.