Living Nature Large Plush Duck Toy

Living Nature

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Realistic, plush farm and woodland animal toys from Living Nature.

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You will go absolutely quackers over this adorable white Duck soft toy.

Made with premium materials, this plush aquatic bird is a wonderful gift designed to delight. Take this feathery friend for a waddle around the garden or a cuddle in bed.

Ducks belong to the waterfowl family, which is the name for any bird that lives on or near water. That’s why ducks are very similar to geese and swans, and is also why they love water. They are made especially for water and have webbed feet to prove it! Their webbed feet means that they can swim and dive under the water to look for food. A dive typically lasts for up to 30 seconds. They also have small but strong wings, and flap them 10 times per second when they fly. That’s super-fast!

Fun Facts:

Ducks can stay under the water for more than a minute. 

Depending on the species, ducks can live up to 20 years. 

Additional Information:

  • Height: 33cm

  • Tag includes educational animal facts

  • Suitable for all ages

  • Care instructions: Hand wash only, do not machine wash or tumble dry

  • Please remove all tags and attachments before giving to a child

Meet The Maker

Living Nature - The world's most realistic soft toy brand ‘Embracing the wonder of nature’. Our exclusive stuffed animal brand of beautifully crafted and realistically detailed plush toy animals has brought many children to love and understand the amazing facts of our wildlife. We pay particular attention to detail and ensure our soft toys look as realistic as possible. Most of our cuddly toys have a swing tag showing information and facts about the animal’s behaviour and habitat.