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Zupan lives at a sanctuary run by Viva! Poland. The sanctuary is not only home to many other dogs like Zupan, but also to lots of other animals, including cats, goats, cows, horses and pigs, as well as arctic and silver foxes rescued from the fur trade. The Viva! Poland sanctuary is run by Cezary Wyszynski, who works tirelessly to provide the animals with the life they deserve. 

Zupan is estimated to be around three years old. He is of the Leonberger breed and weighs around 50 kg! However, despite his large size, Zupan is a gentle giant. When he first meets new people, Zupan is often cautious and distrustful. However, once he gets to know someone, he is an extremely cheerful, trusting and playful young dog. He loves going for walks in the company of the sanctuary workers, where he can run, sniff and explore the world. 

For £25 (inc p&p) a year your pack will include: a letter, personalised certificate, 7x5” colour photo, adoption postcard and six month update. Kid's packs (for under 12 year old's) will also include an animal factsheet and accompanying keepsake folder. 

Please allow up to 10 working days for the delivery of your adoption pack.

About the Viva! Poland Sanctuary

Schronisko w Korabiewicach animal sanctuary is in the village of Korabiewice, east-central Poland. The sanctuary was previously owned by a lady who became very unwell and was no longer able or willing to care for the 400 dogs, 17 horses, cats, a wolf hybrid and 4 bears! In February 2012 Viva! Poland took ownership of the property after gathering enough evidence to take the previous owner to court for animal abuse. Viva! staff and volunteers could not believe their eyes, no one could have dreamed up the horrific cruelty which had been going on behind the locked gates. Dogs and cats were found frozen to death, puppies in holes in the ground starving, skeletons… the list goes on. Since that very grim day, there has been no other.

Every animal now receives the food, shelter, stimulation and veterinary treatment needed for them to have a safe and happy life. There are more than 500 animals at Schronisko w Korabiewicach, over 14 hectares of land. Food costs around £3,500 a week, and vet bills are also around £3,500 a week (due to many of the animals being in their old age). Please consider donating, or adopting one of the animals for just £25 a year. Half of your donation will feed and care for your chosen adoptee and the other half will go to Viva! UK to help save millions more lives – animal and human – through campaigns against factory farming.