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Persimmon Takes On Humanity: Book One (The Enlightenment Adventures), By Christopher Locke

Christopher Locke

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What would you do if you saw someone committing unimaginable acts of cruelty? Turn the other way or defend those in need—no matter the cost? That’s the dilemma thrust upon Persimmon, a clever and compassionate raccoon, and her loyal forest friends. Instantly, the courageous critters spring into action, risking their own lives to rescue any animal they see suffering at the hands of humans. What the team doesn’t know is just how rampant this violence really is, and soon their exciting rescue missions turn shockingly dangerous and deadly. Will they succeed in saving the animals of the world from humans’ brutality, or will they fall victim to the powerful system of abuse they’re trying so desperately to end?

Persimmon Takes On Humanity is the thrilling first novel in The Enlightenment Adventures, and for anyone who loved the intensity of The Hunger Games, the social commentary of The Jungle, and the heart of Charlotte’s Web, this will be your new favourite book.


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