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Vivi and the Planet Protector, By Tina Newman

Vivi the Supervegan

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"Being a Supervegan is so much fun but being a Supervegan on holiday is so much better!"

When Vivi meets Pax she discovers that he has a rather special secret, just like her. Follow Vivi on her next adventure as she teams up with her new friend to save animals and make the planet a better place.

  • Second book in the Vivi series
  • Softback children's picture book
  • Age range 3-8 years old


Written by Tina Newman

Illustrated by Luke Ives

​The idea of 'Vivi the Supervegan' came about when Tina went to buy her daughters some vegan books. She soon realised that there was a lack of children's stories out there with a vegan message. She had already bought some educational books but felt there was a place and a need for a children's story book. So she wrote Vivi the Supervegan, with the hope that it will encourage children to take a stand, empower them to be compassionate and kind. She hopes it will help them understand that they have power with their choices and in educating and inspiring others to make changes.



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260mm x 215mm