Adopt Odin the Sheep

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Odin lives at Beneath the Wood sanctuary in Wales. He is one of three ram lambs saved by a local farmer’s daughter – the other two were christened Paddy and Haven and are Odin’s lifetime friends.  

 Odin is a really sweet, cuddly boy, though he has one small horn that often sees him get stuck in the hedges and fences at Beneath the Wood – so he needs rescuing on a regular basis!

For £25 (inc p&p) a year your pack will include: a letter, personalised certificate, 7x5” colour photo, adoption postcard and six month update. Kid's packs (for under 12 year old's) will also include an animal factsheet and accompanying keepsake folder. 

Please allow up to 10 working days for the delivery of your adoption pack.

About Beneath the Wood Sanctuary

Beneath the Wood is a Viva! award-winning vegan sanctuary based in Wales that provides permanent homes for dogs with behaviour issues, pigs, sheep, cats and horses. Sasha Bennett set up Beneath the Wood in 2009 when she moved from Bristol to a 15-acre site in Ceredigion, nestled in beautiful rolling hills midway between the towns of Lampeter and Tregaron. In 2019 the sanctuary was involved in a high-profile case that rescued #53 pigs from truly horrifying conditions at an illegal slaughterhouse in Pembrokeshire. It meant Beneath the Wood tripled the size of the sanctuary’s dependents overnight, and now has over 90 pigs, and over 135 animals in total. The cost of caring for and feeding so many animals is a huge challenge. The complete story of the pigs can be found here.

The sanctuary also work to rehabilitate dogs with behaviour issues. Like the pigs, a lot of these dogs have been saved from being put to sleep … and they have thrived since arriving at Beneath the Wood. The cats and other farmed animals have come from local farmers or people in the local community. Most of the animals that go to Beneath the Wood will stay there for life as a safe haven.

Beneath the Wood work with the animals in a positive way to help them overcome any problems. They help to build their confidence so they can enjoy life. They also spend time campaigning for a cruelty free world. They are a strictly no-kill sanctuary.