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Meat the Truth Report: How And Why Meat Consumption Is A Major Public Health Concern


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Viva!Health’s brand NEW report Meat the Truth is about how and why meat consumption is a major public health concern and a review of the evidence.

This fully-referenced, scientific report reviews over 300 studies, bringing you the latest understanding on how harmful meat consumption is. The global demand for cheap meat may lead us to a nightmare scenario never before envisaged. To find out more visit By Dr Justine Butler

Read an eye-opening extract from Viva!life issue #63 here.


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Viva!Health is a section of Viva! that promotes the health benefits of a vegan diet. The diseases that kill many of us prematurely can mostly be prevented by consuming a plant-based diet – Viva!Health explains why. We provide accurate information about healthy eating to the public, health professionals, schools and food manufacturers. We campaign on important issues including the harmful effects of dairy foods, heart health, how to help combat obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and breast cancer and the dangers of eating dairy, eggs, fish and meat.