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Beevive Bamboo Bee Revival Kit & Wildflower Seedballs


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Take your bee saving to a new level.

The perfect companion or bee gift for bee-lovers looking for a sustainable and all-year-round bee saver kit.

Save more bees. Anywhere, anytime.

The Beevive keyring contains an energising sugar water for bees with a selection of our UK bees’ favourite flowers in the form of seedballs to help more of our fuzzy friends. This dual function not only equips you for bee emergencies during the warmer months, but also allows you to provide a natural source of food with its convenient, portable seeds to scatter. By planting wildflowers you’ll be giving our hungry bees a helping hand for the future and replacing essential habitat that is quickly being lost.

Empower yourself by becoming a bigger part of the bee-saving mission.

Key features

  • Strong aluminium shell
  • Contains an ambrosia® bee food syrup to feed a bee in an emergency.
  • Refillable glass bottle with natural custom cork top
  • Protective inner sleeve and cork shock absorber
  • Custom stamped key ring
  • Ideal nature/animal lover gift
  • 5+ uses and refillable from home
  • Designed and assembled in Exeter, UK
  • Attach to your keys to save a bee in emergency during the warmer months or scattering seeds planting for the future during the others.
  • Seedballs are native and sourced in the UK, made from clay, peat-free compost, chilli powder and contain wildflower seeds.

Please note: this product is not a toy. Not suitable for children: Parental supervision advised. Replace liquid within 12 months of purchase.

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100% sustainably sourced bamboo

Meet the Maker

Inspired by a spontaneous encounter with a tired bee. During a short break in Cornwall, they were out exploring and discovered an exhausted bee. Unequipped, they carefully picked up their new friend and started a search for sugar and water.

They soon found a café keen to help and mixed a few drops of sugar solution onto a spoon. Within a few moments their new companion had enough energy to buzz away!

It was on this day that BEEVIVE was born, they began designing a Bee revival keyring to be readily accessible for the next time you meet a bee in need. The bee revival keyring provides an essential solution for a tired bee to help it continue its mission pollinating planet Earth.