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Beevive DIY Bee Hotel Kit


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Build your own home for solitary bees or gift to a nature lover in your life!

Welcome solitary bees into your garden and experience their pollinating powers with this DIY Bee Hotel Kit, designed in-house at Beevive by Architectural Technician and bee enthusiast Jacob Powell 🐝

Made in the UK from sustainably sourced panguaneta poplar wood, this kit is designed to be posted through your letterbox and constructed at home to provide a safe space for female solitary bees to build nests and lay their eggs. Solitary bees are a joy to watch and are non-aggressive, therefore child and pet friendly. They don't live in colonies (unlike bumblebees and honey bees) and are facing a crisis having lost much of their natural habitat - they need your help!

The perfect gift to introduce others to the world of solitary bees. 

Suitable for small or large outdoor spaces, to position on a wall, balcony, courtyard, beside a windowsill or community garden. 

Key features:

  • Plastic free, no glue, no mess!
  • Buildable in under 20 minutes
  • Packaging made from 70% recycled materials and FSC certified cardboard 
  • Replaceable 150mm length bee nesting tubes with side door & key
  • Instructions and installation checklist included
  • Step-by-step video accessible via QR code 
  • Each kit is manufactured in the UK
  • Beevive plant one tree for every product sold... buzzing!

    Please note: this product is not a toy and contains small parts. Suitable for ages 12yrs +

    Sizing Guide

    Flat-pack box dimensions: 320 x 230 x 20mm (WxHxD)

    Constructed dimensions: 190 x 215 x 70mm (WxHxD)


    100% sustainably sourced bamboo

    Meet the Maker

    Inspired by a spontaneous encounter with a tired bee. During a short break in Cornwall, they were out exploring and discovered an exhausted bee. Unequipped, they carefully picked up their new friend and started a search for sugar and water.

    They soon found a café keen to help and mixed a few drops of sugar solution onto a spoon. Within a few moments their new companion had enough energy to buzz away!

    It was on this day that BEEVIVE was born, they began designing a Bee revival keyring to be readily accessible for the next time you meet a bee in need. The bee revival keyring provides an essential solution for a tired bee to help it continue its mission pollinating planet Earth. 

    Since then the Beevive product range and community has grown tremendously and they couldn't bee prouder.